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White University Tassel


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  • White university graduation tassel of excellent quality
  • Tassel comes with current year charm (signet) that moves freely
  • Without the hang loop, tassel length measures 9”
  • 6” hang loop can easily fits onto the cap
  • Metal clasp holder with durable reinforcement

For most graduating bachelors in most universities, graduation day and the attire worn that day will not be complete without an excellent tassel. This small item is the vital finishing touch to complete the traditional graduation outfit. If your university requires a white tassel for your graduation dress, our white bachelor graduation tassel is a product to suit your needs at a friendly price.

This tassels is currently one of our most popular items, and it’s not hard to see why. Its subtle simplicity belies its undeniable magnificence. With reliable construction and high quality materials, this is a tassel designed to make a quiet but definite impression. And in white, the colour of hope, simplicity, and purity, this tassel is perfect for projecting higher intentions and a sense of optimism.

This gorgeous 9” tassel is made out of rayon or poly cloth and sports a charming year date signet held securely in place. Its purchase certainly makes for the completion of the perfect graduation apparel, that much is certain.

Year Date/Drop

2021 Year Date Drop, 2022 Year Date Drop

Year Date Drop Type

Bling – Add 7.95, Regular


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White University Tassel
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