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Red Primary / Secondary Tassel


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  • Red primary/secondary graduation tassel is of high quality
  • Current year charm signet moves freely
  • Minus the hang loop, the tassel length measures 9”
  • 6” hang loop allows for an easy fit to the capability
  • Every tassel arrives with a current year date charm signet
  • Durable reinforcement metal clasp holder

When anybody thinks of graduation attire, the image that easily pops into the head often includes the gown and the graduation cap. However, it would be incomplete without a tassel. When on the look out for the best tassels out there, the Red Primary/Secondary School Graduation Tassel ought to be among the top contenders.

The colour red is frequently thought to symbolize power and accomplishment, which are good reasons why numerous universities have adopted the use of this particular colour. Those are two things that every graduate would want to exude on such an eventful occasion. Besides the colour, it also possesses numerous other attributes that make it highly appealing product for customers.

It has a superior quality that simply blows the competition out of the water. Aesthetically speaking, it possesses a quiet elegance and a very beautiful simplicity that is just to die for. This item also has strong reinforcement metal clasp holder that is made out of either gold or silver.

Year Date/Drop

2021 Year Date Drop, 2022 Year Date Drop

Year Date Drop Type

Bling – Add 7.95, Regular


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Red Primary / Secondary Tassel
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