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Red Primary / Secondary Cap & Tassel


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  • Smooth dull finish that is non see-through
  • Comfy band that has a one size fits all sizing
  • Tough reinforcement all throughout
  • Spare room beneath the top button allows for quicker and easier access to the tassel
  • Red Graduation Tassel is of high quality
  • Present year charm (signet) is free moving
  • 6” hang loop makes for easy fitting to the cap
  • Every tassel arrives with a present year date charm signet
  • Durable reinforcement metal clasp holder

There are many products out there that parents can get for their children as they graduate from primary/secondary school. One of the best would be the Red Primary/Secondary School Graduation Cap and Tassel. It is bound to be a very fitting completion to a graduating child’s graduation attire and very few products can match what it has to offer.

When it comes to the colour, red is often associated with strong and dominant symbolism. This includes strength and passion, but also includes power and highly overwhelming emotions. This makes it quite attractive to many buyers, hence the reason for the rise in the demand of such items over the years.

For those who want their kids to stand out during the graduation ceremony, then this is definitely the product to get. It is very beautiful, with a simple elegance that projects a certain magnificence that is undeniable to behold. There would be no regrets whatsoever when buying this particular item.

Year Date/Drop

2021 Year Date Drop, 2022 Year Date Drop

Year Date Drop Type

Bling – Add 7.95, Regular


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Red Primary / Secondary Cap & Tassel
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