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Our?UK style?Tudor Bonnets?are the perfect accompaniment to your?PhD?or?Doctoral?attire.?Made from the highest quality velvet, and with a durable and comfortable design, they are available in Cardinal Red (gold cord), Royal Blue (gold cord), Black (Maroon cord) and Black (Gold cord). American style?Doctoral Tams?are also available.

The correct way to measure your head circumference:?The correct way to measure your head size to take the circumference approximately 1 inch above your eyebrows. If you are not sure what size you need (e.g. you land on the boundary), we would recommend going for the larger size, allowing a more comfortable fit.

A Tudor bonnet is a velvet round academic cap with a long honour tassel hanging from a cord which is circled around the cap. It is also known as a round doctoral bonnet or PhD cap.

It is mostly worn as part of academic dress by a person who holds a doctorate degree, mainly by those holding a research or professional doctoral degree. It is also often worn by those holding an honourary or full higher doctorate, and, at certain educational establishments, by University Officers, such as the University Marshal, the president of the students’ union, and members of the university council.

In some educational establishments, or some faculties of some educational establishments, a mortarboard is worn instead.

They can be made of a high quality velvet, usually black is the most worn colour however produced in other colours. As the name suggests, the Tudor bonnet was popularly worn during Tudor times.


Black (Blue Cord), Black (Gold Cord), Cardinal Red (Gold Cord), Grey (Grey Cord), Maroon (Gold Cord), Purple (Gold Cord), Purple (Grey Cord), Royal Blue (Gold Cord)


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PhD/Doctoral Tudor Bonnet