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Gold Primary / Secondary Honour Cord


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  • Made out of stout twisted material
  • Thick gold coloured cord
  • From end to end, it is 68” in length
  • At each end are large 4” bulb tassels
  • Knotted ends are secure
  • Gold Primary/Secondary Graduation Honour Cord is an ideal item for honour recognitions
  • Each Gold Primary/Secondary Graduation Honour Cord is packaged individually in its own poly bag.

One of the most prominent graduation accessories that can easily be seen within the confines of an academic setting would be honour cords. These products are known by most to arrive in a wide array of colours, with each of these colours possessing their own individual significance. The White Primary/Secondary Graduation Honour Cord is no exception.

When it comes to the colour gold, it is normally associated with success, triumph, and achievement. That last one is quite fitting considering how great of a milestone graduation is for most people. Not only does it mean the end of one stage in a person’s academic career, but it is also the culmination of struggle and effort.

When it comes to what these products are made of, there is little to nothing to worry about. The cords are created out of thick, intertwined strands that have tassels on each end. This product is worn by graduates around their neck, which leaves the ends of the cords hanging down the front if the gown with two tassels per side.


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Gold Primary / Secondary Honour Cord