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Maroon Primary / Secondary Gown


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  • Maroon Finished Fabric
  • Smooth dull finish that is non see-through
  • Throughout the gown is reinforced stitching
  • Durable centre pleats at the gown’s front
  • Comfy darted yoke
  • Stout zipper construction with a zipper that matches the colour
  • Each Maroon Primary/Secondary Graduation Gown has its own bag, where it is packaged into.

For students, there are few things that can be as satisfying as actually graduating after years of struggle and hardships. It is the day where all of their substantial efforts are rewarded. Even young children graduating from primary/secondary school are known to appreciate this very special day. To make it even more special, one must take great care to acquire only the best.

Graduation attire can come in different styles and colours. But if a recommendation has to be made, very few can top the Maroon Primary/Secondary School Graduation Gown. It is a very superior product that stands out amongst the competition due to the excellent visual quality it presents and the sturdy and highly reliable materials that it is made from.

Maroon is a red-brown colour that is often associated with clay or even Mother Nature herself. Because of his earth-based associations, the symbolism even extends to healing and the ability to repel any and all malevolent spirits. This makes it a very good choice for those who pride themselves on being down to earth and one with nature.


42 (4'9" – 4'11"), 45 (5'0" – 5'2"), 48 (5'3" – 5'5"), 51 (5'6" – 5'8"), 54 (5'9" – 5'11"), 57 (6'0" – 6'2"), 60 (6'3" – 6'5")


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Maroon Primary / Secondary Gown